Update On Tone’s Best Friend Skillz


Update 2/10/18 She is still unable to walk and has a not been able to hold food down. If you are able to donate please do so as anything helps. – Tone

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For those of you that attended Fiesta In Ecstasy in the past you all know Skillz AKA Crystal McFall. Me and her have been friends since the 3rd grade. She was scheduled to perform during this years Comedy Show. On Thursday May 25th two days before her performance she got extremely ill and was hospitalized in Jamaica. She has not been able to walk since this day……..

At this time she is currently going through rehabilitation and requires 24 hour care. At this time she has no resources to obtain income and is going through a financial hardship due to this. If you are able to send anything to her it would be greatly appreciated. Her Pay Pal email address is located in the link below.


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Below you will find a message from her via Facebook

I learned in the bible God says, You have not because you ask not. So I am believing. If you know me, you know I would be prideful, private, remain and endure quietly while dealing with my health. This time is very different as I head into my 33rd day of hospitalization and told I have long-term recovery ahead of me. Now I am being humble and simply asking my friends, my FBF, my supporters, and any one else who understands for your assistance no matter how big or small and above all your prayers. Right now things are set up to receive your assistance via Go Fund Me @ https://www.gofundme.com/prayers-and-assistance-for-skillzpaypal.me/SkillzthaComedienne
I know that life and things happen to all of us so I understand more than anyone. Yes over a month ago I was set to perform @#FIE2017 in Jamaica. I enjoyed 29 hours and had something very crazy happen to me. I was hospitalized there and I am thankful for Divine, Antonio, Gloriatte, Lyrical, Diane B, Syntyche, Dionne Knight, Pops, Rhi, for every part they all played in securing my safety, my care, and ensuring my travel back to the States to be hospitalized immediately. This was not expected and no one anticipated how serious things would result. These people, while in the U.S., have provided your presence (despite me being stubborn), organized assistance because I can not, given unyielding support, time, and encouragement in some of their own crazy ways (please forgive me if I miss anyone) Divine, Lyrical, greatly Diane?, Gloriatte, T’Shaey BA, Car Rem, Judy, Safiya, Terri, Diana A Prince, Minnie, Keetra, and Valerie. Again I thank everyone for their prayers and respecting that your prayers for healing are appreciated and not a bombardment of calls, texts, inquisitions, as my health/body cannot handle it. I am working hard to get better, and I pray that all of you are blessed and I extend well wishes.


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