Finding My Way…. #MyTruth Vol 1

I got started in the travel business back in 2007. I met my wife Syntyche “Syn” in April of 2007; even though we went to the same high school and even grew up down the street from each other.

We were married in Ocho Rios, Jamaica on November 26th 2007 seven months after we met….. 

We planned our Destination Wedding and I started to really get curious about the business. I found certain deals and offers on my own that we utilized. When I came back I planned a couple of trips for some people then more and more people started to ask. This went on for about two years and I wasn’t getting paid a dime as I was not an licensed agent yet.

In September 2010 I opened up Destinations Unlimited. I still remember Liz Johnson was the first person that I ever sent a quote to. Liz I am still working on closing that sale lbvs Fiesta In Ecstasy 2019? When I first came into the business I had no one to relate to. I realize that looking to others for help would limit my creativeness.

All the tools that were given to me didn’t speak to me so I slowly built them myself and transitioned my company into what you see today. 

Staying in my own lane, being honest and doing the right thing by you all has gotten me a long way. I am truly grateful for your continued support. I have so much more in store including a mobile app coming soon, I hope that you all are happy with the progress that has been made over the last couple of years. Much More To Come!!!!!! 

Antonio “Tone” Barnes

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