Growth Sometimes Hurts……

I have sacrificed so much over the past couple of years to get to where I’m at today. It’s funny how individuals assume that you have this and that and begin to put you on a platform. I started my company with no assistance, no clientele and no guidance….. With six kids and a wife I walked away from 80k(side hustles included) a year to walk this path. The first full year in business I only made 20K…….

I remember borrowing money out of my kids piggy banks to put food on the table. I remember my wife busting her ass trying to hold down the entire family while I worked at building my company. I remember being in airports passing out business cards, I remember working for free to build clientele, I remember being harassed by family members to pay for their vacations even though I was going through all of this with six children to provide for. These individuals that feel that they have an input on my life where were they at then????

Life was so simple when I had nothing, life was so simple when I constantly gave to individuals that meant me no good in the first place. I chose to walk away from everything I knew in order to sacrifice and hustle for something greater.

To the individuals that mean me well and genuinely want me to succeed I truly appreciate you. To those that secretly envy me and pray on my downfall your attempts to discredit me only make me stronger. I have always stood alone because I know people can’t be trusted. So many people have smiled in my face and stabbed me in back because I have a kind heart.

Till this day my heart still remains pure and open for the right individuals.

I know that my sacrifice means a lot to the countless people that have trusted me with weddings, vow renewals, family vacations, honeymoons etc….. This year alone so far I have been personally responsible for over 1.5K people’s vacations and I personally manage this all by myself……. I may not be the best at what I do yet though I refuse to be outworked by anyone.

My entire life people have judged me on what they see. Just know there is much more to me than beaches and airplanes….. There is a story behind my success, one day soon I will tell my story….

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  1. Last year was my first experience with Tone and VacayonLayaway. I was referred by several friends that went on previous trips. When God is blessing you the enemy will always try to come in and destroy. To see a young black couple (I say couple because behind every successful man is a woman) pursing their dreams is rare but you stepped out on faith. I had such a great time and I am approaching the age of 60. I am saying that because others will know your trip was enjoyable for all. If we all see each other as family and pray for everyone’s happiness we will all be blessed. It was like one large family reunion with all my sisters and brothers. There was nothing but respect shown and I have told my other friends and we are ready for 2018.

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