Outside Sales Associate (OSA) Service Agreement

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As a member of Vacay On Layaway's Outside Sales Associate Program you will be able to earn additional funds just by sending leads to our agents. Upon completion of the sign up process below you will be issued a referral code that will identify you when you Request A Quote. Our team will follow up with the lead and if we are able to close the sale and client travels you will be compensated.

Compensation Plan for Outside Sales Associates

The Outside Sales Associates commissions are paid from the net travel commissions paid to the Company from industry vendors for commissionable travel booked by Vacay On Layaway. The company pays these commissions to the Outside Sales Associate after completion of travel by the customer(s), and/or after receipt of payment from the travel vendor.

PERSONAL COMMISSION - Outside Sales Associate

Agent Levels Commissionable Sales Volume Rate of Commission %
Bronze Level $0 - $100,000 10% Of Leads Closed By Our Agents
Silver Level $100,001 - $250,000 15% Of Leads Closed By Our Agents
Gold Level $250,001 - $500,000 20% Of Leads Closed By Our Agents
Platinum Level $500,001 + 25% Of Leads Closed By Our Agents
  • Increases Commission Levels are calculated on all commissionable volume booked through Vacay On Layaway. Commission level’s are good for 12 months once obtained.
  • Your commission level is also your discount on your own cruises & packages booked for yourself. Any discounts (rebates) given to your clients will be deducted from your  commission.
  • If the client chooses a payment plan vs paying in full you will receive $5 from every service fee collected from that booking. Payout on service fees are performed on the 15th of every month.

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A limited amount of introductory rates for only $19.99 a month will be available. Standard rates of $29.99 a month will apply when exhausted.

Save additional funds by earning one month free with our yearly plan.  Introductory rates are only $219.89, standard yearly rates of $329.89 will apply when exhausted.

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